38 Very Easy Things to Paint on Canvas

    Life is full of colors! When you look around, you will notice colors on everything, right? Everyone loves to paint something new and wants to play with colors.

    If you are the one who is taking a paintbrush for the first time, you need to learn easy things to paint on the canvas at first!

    Entering into the world of creativity may help you to forget the outside stressors.

    In addition, painting on canvas needs minimal painting equipment such as mixing paint, brush, pencil, chart, eraser, and more!

    Some people show the interest in playing colors with their outfits, some play with colors on their arts!

    At a certain point in time, we all love to draw something and use to paint the pictures with watercolors, sketch, and crayons! Are you ready to paint on canvas?

    Grab your brush and begin your painting journey with one of these easy painting ideas!

    Easy Painting Ideas on Canvas for Beginners!

    If you are new to the painting world, don’t worry about the perfection. Yes, when you keep on practicing painting on canvas, you will become an artist for sure.

    1. Background Art Abstract Watercolor:

    If you are a beginner to paint on canvas, without a doubt, abstract paintings help a lot! With abstract paintings, you can draw anything like flowers.

    You do not need to provide intricate details of flowers on canvas.

    You can mix different colors and create an image that you have on your mind. Visit the following site and you will find large selection of abstract painting ideas for beginners.

    2. Coconut & Palm Tree Paintings:

    Another easy canvas painting ideas for beginners are leaves paintings. You can pick a branch of leaves from a tree and place it on a chart and start to draw.

    Remove a leaf and paint it on canvas. Once you have painted with canvas, your beautiful artwork is ready to hand on your wall.

    Within a few minutes, leaves painting can be done since it is very simple and easy!

    For more canvas paintings, visit now!

    3. Milky Way Universe Starry Night:

    Want to capture an amazing sight of the starry night in your canvas? If so, you need to turn paint your canvas with black color and then add twinkling stars here and there.

    Your starry night is not yet completed when you fail to paint a dreamy moon. You can add more colors and make it ready to hang on your wall.

    4. Wetterstein Alps Paintings:

    When you start your painting journey with mountain canvas painting, you can paint the art of landscapes to the fullest.

    The simple shapes with the perfect colors make the mountain views perfect option for beginners.

    Visit the site and you will find different views of mountain for pulling out your creativity!

    5. Lightning storm thunderstorm Night strike:

    For beginners, night strike is one of the easiest forms of canvas paintings. If you are a dynamic painter, it is time to show your creativity on your artwork.

    6. Tree Sunset Silhouette Dusk:

    When it comes to painting on canvas, the blending of two colors gives a natural look to your paintings.

    Likewise, the silhouette is the best thing for beginners who are new to the canvas world. You can enjoy creating silhouettes like lovely sunset, romantic couples, and more.

    7. Watercolor Painting:

    If you are a beginner to paint on canvas, you can start your painting journey by drawing butterfly on canvas.

    8. Sunflower Nature Art:

    Most of the beginners will start the canvas painting journey with sunflower. You can use compasses to draw inner and outer circles.

    Painting sunflower seeds need a steady hand.

    As a result of this, you will get realistic sunflower and ready to hang on your wall.

    9. Pet Animal Portrait Picture:

    No one hates to draw animal picture! Dog is one of the most loveable pets for al. you can enjoy canvas of dog paintings.

    Painting dog image will help you to improve the practice of drawing eyes, noses, ears and more.

    10. Peacock Art Abstract Paintings:

    When you are ready to draw majestic peacock, you should have confidence on you to draw feathers and lines.

    When you follow the instructions, you will get smooth and flowing effect on canvas.

    11. Candle fire drawing:

    For beginners, candlelight is one of the easiest things to paint on canvas. It takes few minutes to paint and start to paint candlelight on canvas right now.

    12. Heart valentine love:

    Heart love can be drawn easily by the beginners and canvas painting requires a lot of attention.

    If you paint a heart with the utmost care, you can hang the heart love at the center on your wall.

    13. Abstract bird parrot art:

    If you want to start to paint on canvas, you can choose abstract part birds.

    14. House Water Coloring Painting Art Effect:

    House can be drawn easily by beginners but need a lot of attention to paint on canvas.

    You need to choose a mixture of the perfect colors to make the picture more beautiful.

    15. Balloon Party Art Abstract Painting:

    The balloon is loved by everyone! Canvas painting of a balloon is easy and beginners can draw a number of balloons on a rope.

    Use different colors to paint the balloon on canvas and make it more attractive.

    If you are a beginner to canvas painting, without a doubt, balloon art is the best option and you can draw a bunch of balloons.

    16. Funny Fishes Illustrations:

    You can start canvas painting by drawing fishes. You can draw a single fish, a pair of fish and anything. You can show your creativity when drawing something on canvas.

    17. Eye Watercolor Sketch:

    It doesn’t matter what type of canvas painting you are going to draw, but eye art is an important things to learn.

    Keep on practicing until you will able to draw eyes perfectly.

    You do not need to use the same color that is used in this eye artwork

    18. Vegetables and Fruits Painting:

    Start your canvas journey with vegetables and fruits art that helps you to learn on how to grip the brushes and pencils.

    In addition, you will get a better idea on mixing the colors.

    19. High Heels Fashion Shoes:

    You need to learn to draw even shoes since you are going to paint majestic fairy tales character in future.

    20. Hand Prints Colorful Art:

    You can imprint different colors of your hand and enjoy coloring it.

    Use a mixture of two different for each hand and make it attractive.


    21. Bunny Character Animal:

    Start to learn the simple tricks to draw bunny character. As a beginner, you can learn the right way to draw bunny character’s ears, mouth, and more.



    22. A Mouse With Flower Pot Watering:

    You can enjoy drawing a mouse with a flower pot. It is creative and beginners can learn easily to paint on canvas when they are eager and interested.

    23. Illustration Landscape Background:

    Visit the site and you will the best illustration landscape for the beginners who want to paint on canvas.

    24. Bicycle Children Graffiti Art:

    Bicycle children helps beginners to pay attention on painting on canvas.

    25. Feather Art Abstract Painting:

    If you are going to start to paint feathers art on canvas, you can visit the site to know the colors used to paint on feathers.

    26. Background Watercolor Art Abstract:

    The background art is simple and beginners learn the right way to draw background for an image.

    27. Watercolor Flower Frame:

    If you paste your photo on a chart, you can create a flower frame on canvas.

    28. Dolphin Jump Animal Abstract:

    If you are a beginner to paint on canvas, jumping dolphin is a good choice.

    29. Seaside Lighthouse:

    Seaside lighthouse is easy to paint on canvas and visit the link if you have doubt on how to color it.

    30. Spray Brush Painting:

    Spray painting is not a simple task as it requires the perfect color combination. You can find the best spray painting with the perfect color combination


    31. Animal Nature Painting:

    If you are good to draw animals’ faces, you can try this amazing canvas painting.

    32. Merry Christmas Penguin Watercolor:

    Go through a link and you will find merry Christmas penguin. Start to paint merry Christmas penguin on canvas today and hang on your wall.

    33. Vintage Japanese Watercolor:

    Vintage art is one of the best possible ways for beginners to start canvas painting. If you want to become an artist, you can start to paint vintage art by visiting a link

    34. Watercolor Cactus:

    Cactus is one the easiest plant that you can learn to paint on canvas. You will find different cactus on this and start to paint on canvas!

    35. Teddy Bear Sitting Art:

    Teddy bear sitting art is simple and need minimal color to pain on canvas. Visit a link now to get better idea on coloring it.

    36. Fantasy Scene Dragon Dark Evening:

    No one hates fantasy story. You can start to paint fantasy scene on canvas today.

    37. Autumn Landscape Trees:

    If you are a season lover, autumn landscape is worth to try! Open a link and you will get better idea!

    38. Women Girl Watercolor Painting:

    Visit the link to know the method of drawing women eyes, nose, lips, ears, and more!

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