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    In this article we’ll see what are good alternatives for

    If you want to download any SoundCloud music tracks, Scdownloader is the best option available today. The platform is simple and free to use and provides superior mp3 files for any record. All you need to do is enter the correct URL in the given area to launch your online directory search.

    What it does is extract the rack from any online source in just one click. This is a best option for users who want to download multiple tracks at a time. Users can even share the tracks on social media channels.

    For sure, it does not need any prior user registration to access the music files. Enjoy the fast conversion and great interface to access all your SoundCloud tracks.

    Here’s best Alternatives… Alternatives


    TheYouMp3 is a premium web tool to access your top choice videos from all over the video hosting websites. Users just need to enter the video URL and the tool will create a downloadable link in the mp3 version within a matter of a few seconds.

    It offers one of the fastest conversion speeds at present and works for all major audio formats. If you want a primary tool to convert YouTube videos into mp3 files, this is your best pick. Plus, it supports big social platforms like Facebook and Instagram as well. Neither have they any restriction on video lengths.

    Go for this converter to enjoy non-stop audio conversions.

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    Get Pointmp3 to convert all your favorite YouTube tracks to mp3 format in the highest quality possible. The platform is responsive and specially designed to work across all major platforms.

    This web tool helps users to convert any YouTube videos to mp3 files within seconds. That too with no need of manually placing the video links. Add the browser extension to streamline your video conversions for the coming week.

    It offers a legal solution for users and does not store any content. It is by far the best website that offers free YouTube video conversion to mp3 formats. The tool provides free service and converts files that users hold the right on. But, you can download as many videos you want for your to-do list.

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    With this application, users can record any MP3 of any youTube video and SoundCloud tracks. is a DVR (Digital Video Recorder) that comes with all the cool features like volume equalizer, unwanted silence scrapper, integrated search and many more.

    As a user, you need to type in the download query for YouTube or SoundCloud. The tool runs a quick search to display the user relevant search results on the website page. Much like official YouTube, this application also displays albums, video playlists, and artist charts. After the user selects the favorite video, the website takes them to the next page, DVR page.

    Users can then choose to convert mp3 files and use the record button.

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    Listenvid is a free web tool designed to convert all video formats like WEBM, MP4, MP2, 3GP, and other formats. Be it videos of any platform like YouTube, Instagram, Dailymotion, or SoundCloud, they are all free to download.

    This is an all-in-one converter used to convert videos across all video streaming websites. Doesn’t matter if it belongs to 320 kbps, 128 kbps, or 256 kbps, this app gives fastest 320 kbps to mp3 conversion. The standalone feature about this app is that users can edit, crop, and rename converted files.

    Listenvid works quite similarly compared to other such platforms. Users can download as many videos as they want with fast conversion and audio support. Enter the video link in the text area and hit the download button to access your videos. Enjoy the multi-language support to find all your videos one by one.

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    If you want a free SoundCloud and YouTube MP3 converter, Anything2MP3 is your best pick. The audio download platform provides high-quality tracks and that too free. Not just that, the web-based platform offers exclusive web tools to make your music more ideal.

    The application converts all major audio formats like Mp3, AAC, WMA, and OGG. Plus, it all supports files in high bitrates of 96k, 128k, 129k, and 320k. In fact, Anything2MP3 offers a more powerful converter than other conventional converters. It offers extra fast conversion and downloading experience for its users.

    Start searching for the audio or video file you want to convert on the application. You can then copy paste the link and enter the convert button. In a minute, your mp3 will be ready to download. The audio download application fetches audio source files directly. This is a perfect option for those who want to access high quality files within seconds.

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    SoundCloudmp3 is another web-based online video converter that allows you to download superior quality mp3 audio files. This platform plugs the gap where SoundCloud does not offer any download option for its users.

    This is an easy to use platform for mobile users and is accessible from anywhere around the world. It offers an online converter for all SoundCloud tracks. Just copy the links of your favorite song and paste it on the text bar to download your videos. It takes just a few seconds to get your downloads.

    Plus, you can download the entire playlist from your chosen video platform. This application is the most trusted platform to discover old and new hits available online. Enjoy the attractive interface, fast conversion service to access your top picks.

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    This tool has no match when we count the exquisite potential as compared to any other application. The Cloudconvert tool is a pretty advanced and scalable API module that offers powerful file conversion solutions for their users. It works for over 218 formats, and that’s huge. From documents (PDF, DOC, HTML, etc.) to spreadsheet (XLS and CSV) and Images files
    (PNG and JPG) to a plenty of other formats, it supports all of them.

    Users can pick specific custom settings like codes and resolution for their video conversion as well. This is a cloud-based solution and does not require any software installation on your personal computer. You can even upload the files and get the conversion done within minutes.

    In fact, it is a secure solution and all your files are pretty safe to access. Of course, it is a commercial file conversion tool and comes with different pricing plans. Each one of them has its own costs and advantages. But, their unlimited file size support, non-stop conversions and folder monitoring, and presets remain the same.

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    Do you want to convert your YouTube videos into high-quality Mp3 files? FLVto is here to offer its users a YouTube converter service for converting streaming videos to mp3 audio files in seconds. This is a simple to use application designed exclusively for online music lovers. Get this audio converter app to access your favorite tracks, anytime and anywhere from your smartphone. That too, with no internet connection whatsoever.

    Enjoy the free service to convert your top pick YouTube videos into all sorts of formats in use. All you need to do is paste the video link into the music downloader to save high-quality tracks.

    FLVto equally lets its users convert videos from other leading platforms as well. Be it Facebook, Vimeo, dailymotion or any other platforms. Plus, the platform gives you plenty of trending video suggestions to save you with extra time. Enjoy the fast conversion and best quality conversion here.

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    Grab a quick video converting tool to access Mp3 files for your YouTube videos. is a powerful video converter tool for instant use. It comes as a great alternative to and offers all the major services with an easy-to-use interface.

    Copy and paste your YouTube video link into the search box to convert your video easily. All it takes a few seconds to access your Mp3 ready file. You can download or play as you like from all the platforms like Facebook, Vimeo, and other such platforms.

    The website is completely free to use and accessible from anywhere across the world. It comes with an easy-to-use interface, and delivers the best converting solutions with no registrations at all.

    Learn More is a single tool that allows users to access videos from 1000+ websites. There are no restrictions whatsoever to download any kind of videos. Also, you don’t need any software installation or registration to use their service.

    All you need to do is submit the video link into the text bar and hit the download icon to access your videos. Plus, it also displays relevant and trending videos across the world. Users can get them in all sorts of audio and video formats.

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    Online- convert is a fast and free online tool to go quick from one format to another. It is an all-in-one converter platform handling the image archives, ebook, audio files and documents. The tool requires users to upload their source file from anywhere, be it cloud storage, local or web URL.

    Find the advanced search box at the top right to select the conversion type or your file. The simple to use interface gives you all the formats to create your conversions. Plus, it comes in three different languages with a vast range of formats.

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    Are you a music lover who loves to download all kinds of songs and music online? Here is your gateway to access online songs and music files for free.

    Klickaud is a free to use web-based tool that gives you access to the music available online. It allows you to download Soundcloud tracks, online music and audio files in MP3 formats. The platform offers an online SoundCloud Downloader to help you convert and download music files in high-quality MP3 formats.

    As you know, SoundCloud does not allow its users to download all songs. What Klickaud does is convert audio files and make them possible to download. All you need to do is copy paste the playlist URL into the text area and hit the download button. The platform generates a song downloadable link for you once the initial process is over.

    After you see the download file, download it and enjoy free music with Klick Aud. The application is used by millions across the internet to access their favorite SoundCloud songs. KlickAud offers instant downloads, android device support besides one-tap downloads.

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    Try out the OnlineVideoCOnverter tool to get the best video conversion tool for your use. With this tool, you can convert any video of any size into the format of your choice. And it’s all free.

    This web-based solution demands no user registration and gives full feature access for its users. Just like other conversion solutions, this platform offers both options to convert a video. The first option asks you to paste the link of a video, while the second option is to upload a video and convert it as per your format choice.

    The platform supports all video and audio formats with an all-in-one user experience. Plus, it provides you unlimited screen recording options. You can even record your browser activity, save and share them on any platform of your choice. Be it Facebook, YouTube, or any other social channels.

    Enjoy the simple interface, audio and Video format support even if you are a mobile user.

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    Convert your videos from YouTube to audio (mp3) and video (mp4) with a YouTube downloader. is an exceptional tool to convert audios and videos. Plus, they are compatible for all sorts of devices like smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers.

    The one thing users like the most about it is the conversion of HD-quality videos every time. This is a free to use platform and collects revenue on ad networks. Moreover, users no longer need to register prior to using their service. It works simple — type in the video link, pick your format, and press the start icon to complete the conversion process.

    H2converter comes with the latest core features for its users. All kinds of audio and video formats, easy to use interface, fast conversion, and non-stop support across all devices is its speciality. This is a great pick for all the audio and video lovers out there.

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    Looking for an online solution to download videos from Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram? Visit the Qdownloader website to download online videos from your top choice websites.

    Copy the video URL that you want to access and paste the same into the text box. Select the format and click the download button. Your video download is ready within seconds. Like other platforms, it does not require user registration or any personal details.

    Just copy and paste the link of the video to get your downloads right away.

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    Zamzar is a superior tool with a powerhouse library of 1000+ conversion types. Users don’t even need to download the software to use it. Just upload your file and wait for the app to convert your data to any format of your choice.

    After the conversion process, users receive emails to hit the URLs to access their converted files. You can even mail them for file conversion services. It offers a simple four-step process to convert your files. That’s the key point here.

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    Convert your videos into any formats of your choice. Be it Mp3, Mp4, or any other popular format of your choice. is a web-run tool to convert videos from YouTube, Clipflash, and alternate video sharing channels. This is one of the fastest platforms that offer free to use service for users around the world.

    Place the URL in the search box, select your format, and press the convert button. Your file will get ready to download within a minute. The best part is, you can find our favorite videos simply on the platform and convert it as per your choice with no limitation at all.

    As soon as you enter the song title or video name, the application runs a quick search to find all the related videos from the video streaming websites. It comes with a lot of tools, wide range of audio and video format support along with multiple language support to help you search your video, and use them.

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    9soundclouddownloader is an alternate web tool to download all your music tracks and songs in MP3 formats. Select the fine-quality bitrate of your choice, 128 kbps and 320 kbps to enjoy audio downloads. However, it permits only those tracks allowed by the SoundCloud Downloader.

    Grab your chance to download the full playlist. Just copy paste your link to get started with downloads. Plus, the platform does not require any prior registration to access their service.

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    This is one of the most popular web applications for all the YouTube lovers out there. Y2mate is a great tool to access your favorite audios and videos online. Plus, it is free to use and easy to access from mobile devices anywhere around the world.

    You can convert videos from all the major hotshots available online. Be it Facebook, Vimeo, Dailymotion or any other video streaming sites. It supports all video formats including Mp4, WEBM, FLV, 3GP, and many more.

    Users can access thousands of their favorite videos online on the platform. You can even search your videos on the website as it has a directory of millions of videos. Just paste the video URL that you want to convert.

    Enjoy unlimited free downloads with no user registration at all. This platform offers a fast working converter and supports all downloadable formats.

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