Are There Options for Americans to Travel to Europe?

    The travellers from the US have been locked out from many parts of Europe and so there have been questions regarding whether some countries are allowing Americans to visit or not.

    In case you are wondering if a tourist from the United States can still travel to Europe, then you are not the only one who is worried about it.

    There are different travel restrictions for the European Union and the UK is making travelling overseas quite problematic.

    Understanding the immigration rules is also problematic.

    Without the fluff as well as offensive words, let us get started with the core point source.

    Europe is huge and there are different zones Union membership has with lots of things that will confuse everyone.

    The European countries and not open for American travellers when compared to the rest of the world. Europe is close to US travellers because of the pandemic.

    For entering into the European Union, there are restrictions.

    However, certain selected European countries are there that are accepting the tourist from America. Some of them are as follows.

    Albania is one where Americans can travel without any disruption. There are also not testing requirements of quarantine upon the arrival.

    Armenia is a country located in the mountainous regions between Asia and Europe and is open for Travellers from America.

    Travellers will have to stay for the quarantine of 14 days unless they are providing the mobile PCR test.

    Belarus is a small landlocked nation in Eastern Europe where there is no quarantine. PCR test is also not recommended.

    Bosnia and Herzegovina is a place in South-Eastern Europe and is currently accepting Travellers from the United States.

    However, the passengers must meet the negative PCR test that is not older than 48 hours before the departure.

    Croatia is a member of the European Union on the list of the other countries where Americans can travel.

    However, there is a mandatory requirement of the negative covid-19 test and also filling out the online form before just travelling to Croatia.

    Kosovo, also referred to as the Republic of Kosovo is located in South-Eastern Europe and is now open to the American tourist.

    Montenegro is a place in Southeastern Europe where the government is lifting the quarantine restriction for American travellers and is only requiring the 72 hour PCR test.

    North Macedonia is the Balkan country in Southeastern Europe. There is no requirement of the current time of quarantine and testing in this place for the American tourist.

    Serbia is a tourist attraction in Europe where the Americans can travel around the borders like Montenegro, Bulgaria, Hungary, and Romania.

    There are no testing and quarantine requirements for the American.

    Turkey, located in the Balkan Peninsula is still considered southeast Europe and is open to the citizens of the United States.

    There are no mandatory testing requirements of quarantine for the American travellers visiting here.

    The United Kingdom isn’t encouraging tourism.

    However, tourists from the United States can still visit the United Kingdom however there is a 3-day requirement of quarantine upon arrival.

    Ukraine is a place where Americans can travel. However, there is a requirement of the negative PCR test that is not older than 48 hours.

    Currently, there is a ban on travel for residents of the USA into the countries that belong to the European Union.

    However, certain countries have been very transparent to US residents as long as they spend 14 days in a safe condition.

    Mostly this is happening because there is a base regarding the travel bags as well as location.

    It means that the visitors have to be the resident of the safe country and should be currently located for the past for 3 days in the safe country as well.

    If you are a US resident and you want to enter European Union Nation(Portugal, Germany, Spain, and France).

    Then you will have to contact the consulate or Border Police for finding out the 14 days in the safe Nation.

    The European Union government has now generally agreed to start the enforcement of restrictions in a coordinated manner and won’t be independently working for formulating the restrictions for the unlisted countries.

    While every country makes and enforces the fine-tuned rules, yet there are still no more highlights regarding when the Americans can finally enter to European countries.

    The government is still keeping the ban on the citizens from entering into European Union.

    Americans can only travel to the handful of countries that are mentioned above and in case you are ok with the potential quarantine timing for 14 days before being able to travel domestically, it’s fine.

    You must always stay tuned with the changing cancellation policies before your booking a flight and accommodations.

    In case you need to reverse the decision made at the last minute, then you don’t have to scramble for learning about what options are applicable.

    Just always remember that no matter where you are travelling, you have to consider the safety precautions at that time.

    Wearing the mask, practising good hygiene, and not touching anyone is becoming mandatory.

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