Avani Hotels Is Putting the Best Efforts on Community-focused Travel Stories From Around the World


    People are becoming more conscious about how they are travelling and so they are attending to choose an experience that not only are proving.

    To feel good but also benefiting the locals while minimising the negative environmental impact.

    Distillation of Coconuts- Avani Bentona and Avani Kalitara, Sri Lanka

    Traditional spirit Arrack is made from the fermented sap of the coconut or sugarcane. It is available in the form of a special drink.

    The Sri Lankan tropical drink that is packed in the bottle stands out. The acquired taste is great and some also describe it in the form of the cross between Bourbon and rum.

    But there is a lot of other factors associated with it.

    The Heritage distillery Rockland distilleries date back to 1924 and are formulating new plans for bringing Arrack to the world.

    The upcoming product is also the blend that is referred to as the Ceylon Arrack and will be appealing to the mainstream taste by the upcoming eco-friendly reboot.

    Besides, they waste minimal amounts.

    Rockland distillery has now started implementing the system where they will be utilising the biogas in the form of a byproduct of the distillation process.

    It is also captured in the purpose-built tanks and then made to reuse in the form of the substitute fuel for firing the boilers.

    The distillery is also having planted trees on the plot of the Barren Land. They wait for the plants to become mature.

    Only then, the plants hold the capability of harvesting to manufacturing wax.

    With time, the sales of Arrack will be increasing. These extracts are from purposely grown trees can help in the prevention of the logging of the natural forest for the real wood.

    And then, it becomes a part of the water recycling project to Rockland distillery.

    Now it is on the mission of completing the construction of the open-air water recycling tank that has a quality of cooling and recycling the hot water.

    It thus can save around 30,000 litres of water per day.

    The Churning of Peanut Butter-facts Associated With Avani Victorian Falls, Zambia

    Buying the containers of peanut butter from supermarket usually does not hold too much difference to the large manufacturer butter.

    But, when it comes to the women’s peanut butter project in Zambia referred to as Libuyu, you can rest assured that every jar will count.

    There are Strategies for empowering HIV positive women and their children to consider a time spent in the project that can provide the equipment needed for the production of the delicious additional peanut butter.

    The project also has its mission of teaching the women about how to package and market the products for maximizing the profits through the sales to the local hotels, the surrounding community, as well as a dealer.

    The Victoria Falls guarantee the works for funding the initiative.

    They also take the effort of purchasing the Jar of peanut butter directly from the project that can help benefit the women and guests who are directly or indirectly enjoying the delicious sourced product.

    In addition to this, the resort is also funding the complete renovation of the house as of the women for ensuring that the production process will meet with the health and safety standards.

    The hotel is also working for designing and supplying the uniforms that can give pride among women.

    Harvesting of Sea Caviar With the Resort in Thailand-avani Ao Nang Cliff Krabi

    The reputation of this place in the form of the tourist Hotspot on the Andaman coast isn’t that new to the people.

    This is the area that is lesser-known in the form of the zone for famed aquatic export of the sea grapes. New strategies are being taken for learning more about an official Seaweed.

    It was the guest invitation for visiting the community by spreading the unique floating farm designed for growth of the oceans Caviar.

    It is also referred to as the sea pearls and is eaten raw. Sometimes the addition of the salad dressing also makes it a snack between the meals.

    It comes with the fresh crisp kick and also slightly sour taste that makes these c-pearls stand out. There is consistency in it that gives you the rich taste whenever you buy them.

    Packed with vitamins and minerals, they are a good source of Vitamins A, C, zinc, Iron, and Calcium.

    The high vegetable protein found per calorie along with a good amount of the Omega-3 fatty acids ensures that the national snack is also good enough for the improved well-being with the fun experience.

    The production standards ensure that the people will be learning more about growing sea species before making the traditional Thai dishes.

    It can also hold the taste of the vast harvested produce at the resort.

    Milking of Buffaloes and Growing Sticky Rice-luang Prabang, Laos

    This is the countryside buffalo dairy product that is becoming quite popular and is the spot that is one of the most famous attractions among the tourist.

    It was founded by Susie who was an Australian and had left the high powered corporate job for this mission.

    Now the active involvement in the passion project is blossoming in the form of a social enterprise inspiration.

    Behind it is the Sri Lankan Dairy farms where Susie had started with the buffalo dairy mission for improvement of the local agriculture alongside the newly introduced nutritional program.

    Fresh milk is now becoming an Exotic product. Even today, some locals put their Belief in the popular flavoured milk sold in cartons.

    It is evolving in the form of the remarkable product thus perfecting the recipes of the delicious buffalo Mozzarella ricotta, blue cheese, ice cream, and yoghurt.

    The Welfare programs are also quite encouraged for rolling up the sleeves and getting money on in the name of learning how to grow the new rice varieties to make them the popular National dishes.

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