Climate change: experts tell PM that Technology isn’t going to work as the silver bullet

    There is a question revolving around climate change whether the silver bullet of Technology is going to fix the problems.

    In the speech, the Prime Minister is expected to place Faith in wind power, hydrogen, carbon capture, clean cars, as well as zero-emission aviation.

    Clean technology is indeed popping up in the form of solutions, but the PM is still being accused of the problems related to Techno optimism.

    The experts are saying that tackling climate change along with the action is related to society and the economy.

    There is also a host of laws, tips, Bans, rules, appliances, standards, and other institutional innovations.

    The Prime Concerns

    There is an estimation regarding the wind farms that could be potential enough for powering every home by 2030.

    There is a question regarding whether the week Boris Johnson is turning green.

    There is a warning regarding how the behavior of citizens must shift so that people start driving and flying less while eating less meat and dairy products.

    In other words, it can be said that cutting down on carbon emissions isn’t going to fix all solutions.

    Still, Boris Johnson is going to have the ideals stuffed with the Technologies that are resembling the silver bullet.

    • Clean Cars

    Taking cars comes with a price strategy. The Prime Minister is taking steps towards the battery and hydrogen-powered vehicles.

    The production of electricity and hydrogen usually requires high amounts of wind farms and so it is also increasing the car taxes for easing climate.

    However, with the increasing number of cars, there is a requirement for roads and parking spaces.

    The harsh reality is that there are certain ways needed that will be limiting the number of cars.

    • Hydrogen

    There is widespread agreement that hydrogen is going to play a major role in the fixing of climate change, but the extent to which it is going to be fruitful isn’t still clear.

    There is a question regarding the source of natural gas that is expensive and is often dependent on the process being used.

    Hydrogen is going to be useful in areas like industries that manufacture steel and heavy transport.

    • Aviation

    Regarding aviation, the prime minister has stated that he is launching his ambition to revise the clean panels. This is something that is matching the industry figures.

    There is an all-round appreciation of this strategy, but at the same time, the critics are warning that the plan shouldn’t start diverting its attention from the short-term needs.

    It is working for the taxes and rules for holding down the aviation emissions right after covid-19.

    The British Airways owners are now starting to cut short numbers again and there are almost 900 airport jobs cut putting The Blame On covid-19.

    The nation environment Federation is starting with the statement that no zero-carbon Technology options are available for running commercial aviation.

    There is a requirement of roll out for the radical new technologies and so there must be capacity developed for the removal of the remaining aircraft emissions from the atmosphere.

    • Nuclear

    The UK governments have now started organizing for decades related to nuclear energy.

    It means that there is an agreement with the financial package for the new station that is being settled. The size is proper for the small modular reactors.

    Nuclear is proving to be the burning issue while playing a major role. The cost of nuclear power plants requires dropping.

    The nuclear developers will have to always support their objectives of building the plants more quickly because everyone needs electricity to be low carbon within the next decade.

    In this regard, the Prime Minister agrees that the many factors will be bringing the amount down to a huge extent. However, making the dream come true will require time.

    • Capturing Carbon

    There is a long list of the technology that is capturing carbon dioxide because it is emitted from factories and power stations.

    Two decades ago, it wasn’t that expensive, but now it is turning out to be very expensive and has never taken off.

    The main climate authority, the intergovernmental panel on climate change, is saying that the technology must be used for capturing the emissions from the trees that are being burnt for energy.

    This is the way the plants are sucking carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere and the emissions are getting buried.

    So What About the Silver Buckshot?

    There is going to be a long list of the policies that will be requiring government attention.

    It is inclusive of the standards for new homes, food production, green recovery, planning rules, heat and buildings infrastructure statement, meat-eating, Road building, multimeter mission targets, to name a few.

    Only properly examining the innovative standard to tackle the climate changes will work out.

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