Draft Registers in South Korea Are Still Vulnerable to Going to Prison. But Now It’s a Job

    A Court has now brought on a new rule that the conscientious objectors will be allowed to serve their country in some different ways.

    The government has also now said that they can do so but they have to serve it by staying behind prison walls.

    Like several other Jehovah’s witnesses who had refused to join the military because of their religious beliefs, this time Seung ki Lee will be serving time in South Korean prison.

    Besides, there is going to be a difference in the way that Mr. Lee will be serving.

    Lee will not be entering the present in the form of the convicted criminal rather he will be on the ones will be allowed to perform the alternative service.

    Credit: The New York Times

    The services here include positions like cook, janitor, or clinic assistant. However, during their service period, they will be registered as being a prisoner.

    Starting from Monday, there will be 63 others alongside Mr. Lee who will be working, eating, and sleeping on the present Highway.

    They have to stay apart from the inmates and will be allowed only several weeks of leave.

    The alternative service comes in the form of the seismic shift in the country that will be considering holding quite a crucial role for the defense against North Korea.

    To date, South Korea has imprisoned many conscientious objectors. This is very different from other countries around the world.

    The Military Service act also requires up to three years in prison for those who do not agree to draft without justifiable reasons.

    For decades, it has happened that there are hundreds of young men among all of which most of them are Jehovah’s witnesses. They are put every year behind the bars.

    There is a difference between the old conscientious objectors who had done this thing for 18 months wearing the uniform of a prisoner.

    The difference will be such that Lee and the group will be doing it for three years in the form of legalized conscientious objectors.

    He has also mentioned that he is quite grateful that he has got the chance of serving the country without violating the conscience.

    There is a record of the historic 2018 ruling by the constitutional Court that suggests that improving the objectors was marked unconstitutional.

    This was so because there was no alternative form of service back then.

    So, the government was forced to consider certain alterations, and in December Parliament started passing the legalized norms allowing the civilian service in the business.

    Credit: The New York Times.

    Besides, they were also given the opportunity of doing so in other areas of public interest. For now, the prison works in the form of the only option that the government is offering.

    It is often said that the Human Rights groups were critically signifying that the three-year requirement has made South Korea an alternative service the longest in the world to set a record of the highest number of conscientious objectors.

    It has also developed such norms with more strategic planning than just giving an alternative punishment.

    There is also a remark given by Arnold Fang who is the East Asian researcher for Amnesty International.

    He has made his verdict that on finding people to work in the prison while almost letting them serve for twice as long as the typical Military Service does not hold any respect for giving the rights to freedom of thought, religion, and science or belief.

    However, for the witnesses of Jehovah, its service is implying in the form of the hard own victory.

    Right after the ruling of the court officials and lawmakers has weighed the forms of civilian service, it has been estimated that they are quite similar to working in the Nursing Home, hospitals, as well as fire stations.

    Some people also have argued that in case an alternative service was not long, the nation would get enough young men would have tried evading the draft under the pretext of ethical Principles.

    These are the principles that usually comprise the ability of the country for detecting North Korea 1.1 million from the military.

    Besides, it has been also stated that in their prison work, the conscientious objectors will be exempted from the garden and Prisoner escort duty that involves the act of caring for firearms.

    The norms also state just like the soldier, they will be also living together in the form of barracks loaded with facilities.

    The question here is that you should be exactly executed from the Military Service after making it a sensitive topic in South Korea.

    Final word

    Some consider that it is becoming a sacred duty to defend the country. However, that doesn’t mean that everyone has got to carry the weapon for decades.

    There have been people solving after being exempted from Military Service.

    Besides, the Kpop fans also consider that it is unfair that the top world-class pop stars are denied that privilege.

    South Korea cannot usually offer too many exemptions and also after the decades of low birth rate, it will be soon lacking enough young men for maintaining the military at 620000 members.

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