During New Surge U.S. Sets Single-day Record for Covid-19 Cases

    This covid-19 situation does not seem to come to an end at all. Recently it again settles up new record in a day.

    In Washington more than 84000 people were diagnosed with covid-19 across the United States. This report has been come on Friday.

    The Reuters Tally recorded about it and the increment in infection during the pandemic is horrible to know.

    Moreover, currently the virus surges again nationwide and everyone is looking forward to take precautions.

    But somehow people are being so careless that they are not being conscious about it.

    The record earlier was settled up to 77,219 on July 16 but this increment in case let everyone in a shock. On Friday 84,218 in cases recorded.

    University of Washington researchers forecast about it that U.S. total death cases for covid-19 will be going to reach a total of 500,000 by February.

    Among all the states in US, 16 states were there who have tied up one day record for the new infections of the virus.

    On Friday this has been came into consideration that many states are setting up a record.

    This is also need to be considered that the presidential election on November 3 was going on. These 5 states are also included in it.

    These five states are Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and North Carolina.

    When something asks to the health experts they have not pointed out any particular reason for the Rise.

    But mention that cold temperature let people to be inside and suffering with covid-19.

    These days’ people are not taking enough precautions and students returning to schools and colleges may also contribute to the same.

    After the bursting of the news everyone is so conscious and looking forward to understand what they can do.

    At the University of Washington Institute For Health Metrics And Evaluation there was a research going on where according to the latest estimate that people reflect fears about cold winter weather and this let them drive indoors.

    In indoors as well the virus is more likely to spread.

    IHME director Chris Murray also mention that they are heading into a very substantial winter surge and it let them be in fear as well.

    Also, during an interview Anthony Fauci, the director of the National Institute of allergy and infectious disease also mentioned that if people can take enough precautions and cover their faces then the death cases will be going to drop by 130000.

    It is important that 95% of Americans are taking precautions to reach this scale. In case they are compromising with it then no one can save them from getting infected.

    Vaccine on the Horizon

    There is a good news, because the vaccine is about to come as well. Fauci mentioned about the same to CNN in an interview.

    And they are expecting that by the end of November they will be able to get it.

    In the beginning of December they will so that they have one or two vaccine in their hands which are safe and effective as well.

    In addition health secretary Alex Azar, also mentioned about the increment in cases nationwide to the behaviour of individuals and mention that the household gathering are become common these days and people are not taking enough precautions.

    This is considered to be a major factor of disease spread according to Alex.

    When it comes to ask an assertion by President Donald Trump on Thursday night during presidential debate that the United States is rounding in turn on the pandemic and at that moment he was trying to provide hope to all the Americans who are eagerly waiting for vaccine.

    Additionally, on Thursday 916 reported fatalities in the United States were there and over the country 1200 new cases for the first time recorded after August.

    Now 18 states are there who have reported the highest number of hospitalized covid-19 patients after the pandemic happen.

    Now in total more than 41000 patients are hospitalized with coronavirus across the country and 34% from October 1 is the rise in case according to the analysis.

    More over in North Dakota there are 87 new cases on Thursday and Friday and it is the hardest state according to the new cases per capita.

    Then it is followed by South Dakota, Montana and Wisconsin according to the research by Reuters Tally.

    Among all the regions in the country the north-east remains one of those regions without a significant search in cases but infections are trending higher.

    Boston Public School shifted to online only learning this week.

    Now it is a suggestion to every individual out there that they are taking enough precautions to keep themselves away from it.

    In case they are compromising with and no one can save them from it at all.

    An individual is to be sure about the guidelines offered by the government to keep themselves on the safer side.

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