Finally the alternative to PUBG, FAU-G Set to Release in November

    PUBG was among those games which have created a buzz all around. But being the Chinese legacy it is not in India anymore.

    Finally, the Indian developers come up with FAU-G which will be going to market as an Indian alternative to PUBG.

    Finally, it will be going to Mark its presence in November and the game publisher nCore games announced it in a tweet.

    The publisher is Bengaluru-based and announced that earlier last month there was a ban on PUBG mobile and PUBG mobile Lite in the country and this FAU-G also going to hit in the category of games between going to create the same presence.

    It is known as Fearless and United Guards and it is designed to tap into the country’s Patriotism and anti-China’s sentiments.

    The first level of the game is very simple and is based on the Galvan Valley skirmishes between India and China.

    There was no particular detail revealed about the platform but the developers come with the announcement that they will be going to launch it in November.

    The game was originally planned to debut later this month only.

    Everyone is feeling excited because after the ban of PUBG everyone was looking forward to something good and finally it will be going to Mark its presence.

    The tweet posted by the developer includes the first teaser that was released by Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar on Sunday.

    The duration of the teaser is one minute which gave uses a glimpse of the game first level and highlighted the roller mechanics that have been used by the characters in the game with the help of it they will be able to fight with enemies.

    It was announced just a couple of days after the government banned the PUBG mobile and PUBG mobile Lite in the country and the developer co-founder Vishal Gondal said that they are planning for this game and it will going to take some month.


    Now they are planning that it must reach almost 20 crore users within a while. The developers also promoting the game on social media account after the announcement they have done last year.

    Moreover, they also mention that they wanted to see the game and where it will be going to mark the place across the country.

    Among all the professional Gamers and enthusiastic this will going to create a place that will be going to be unbeatable.

    They have also promised that they will be going to donate 20% of the net revenue to the government fundraising initiative Bharat Ke Veer.

    Yes, you read it right. Not only the developers will be going to get the benefit but the Bharat Ke Veer initiative will also be going to get the benefit from it.

    What Will Be the War Setting Like?

    As we have already mentioned that it will be going to be the alternative of PUBG mobile and PUBG mobile Lite it will also be going to have a look of War like situation.

    There were reports coming out about the first stage as we have mentioned. Now people are looking forward to how they will be able to engage in the game.

    Till yet there is no particular involvement of a third person in the game but with later updates, the same will get available.

    Users are looking forward to a multiplayer option as well but unfortunately, it is not available in the first update.

    The developers have promised that they will be going to work on it more so that people will be able to engage in the game as they were using PUBG.

    Moreover, the developers mentioned that they are announcing it during the Diwali period and will launch it accordingly.

    They are expecting that it must gain the same position as it was gained by PUBG.

    When it comes to looking at more updates then the developers have not mentioned anything about it and said that with time they will come up with something unique with always excite the users.

    The celebrity Akshay Kumar launched the teaser and after that everyone was feeling so excited about the launch of this game.

    Now everyone is waiting when this game will going to be on their devices.

    Not only this but the developers also mentioned that they are planning about the game for a very long time but after the ban of PUBG they become so sure that it is a time when they can bring it into the market.

    Not only the enthusiastic but other people who like to play the war games are taking interest in it. Now the question arises how players will be going to respond to the same.

    Also, it is quite interesting to notice that the interface of the game the going to be the same as they have imagined it in PUBG but the plot decided by the developers is different and players will be going to be in the game accordingly.

    No one will say that this game is not fulfilling their hunger for something exciting and enthusiastic.

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