Finally, the historic expedition is completed by the German Ship

    Finally, the expedition to the Arctic Ocean has been completed. The German research vessel polarstern has sailed back into its home port.

    Now finally after the completion of the expedition to the Arctic Ocean the Ship reached its place.

    The ship almost spent a year in the polar North much of it with its engine turned off and the reason was it could simply drift in it.

    The major point was to study the climate of the Arctic region and how it is changing day by day.

    Professor Markus Rex the leader of the expedition returned with a warning that the sea is dying.

    The region is at the risk where no one will be able to witness how the ice disappears in the areas where the ice must be meters thick.

    Even at the North Pole as well the ice has been gone. The Alfred Wegener Institute scientist told a media conference in Bremerhaven on Monday.

    No one has expected that they will come up with this news but somehow everyone is looking forward to it.

    RV polarstern was on the station to document the summer flows a string to their second-lowest ever extends in the modern era.

    The ice was floating withdrawal to just under 3.7 million square kilometers or 1.4 million square miles.

    This is the only time that this is a minimum that has been beaten in the age of satellites was 2012. There was the Pack ice was reduced to 3.41 million square kilometers.

    It is quite surprising that the downward trend is about 13% per decade and averaged across the month of September.

    This was reflecting in the warming of the earth and it has been also measured by the professor.

    The ice is about to disappear and if in a few decades there will be no ice in the Arctic.

    This has been also mentioned by the professor and they also concluded that there is a major impact on climate Around the World.

    Moreover, he mentioned that the project was named the multidisciplinary drifting observatory for the study of Arctic climate, and it was started on 28 September last year and set off from Tromso Norway.

    It is quite surprising how things can get changed so much. The idea was to recreate the historic Voyage of a Norwegian polar researcher who undertook the first ice drift through.

    The Arctic Ocean and this happened almost 125 years ago.

    Additionally, they embedded itself in the ice on the Siberian side of the Arctic basin and the intention was on floating across the top of the world and emerging from the floes just east of Greenland.

    Additionally, in the course of the stripped so many researchers came abroad to study the environment of the region and they somewhere is to the conclusion that things are as he has mentioned.

    There was deployed a battery of instruments to try to understand precisely how the ocean and atmosphere are responding to the warning force on the Arctic by the Global increase in greenhouse gases.

    One can clearly indicate that the greenhouse gases are affecting the climate to an extent.

    The coronavirus only briefly infected the expedition not by making participants in but also obliging the ship at one point to leave the floes to go and pick up its next to rotation of scientist course for some different other ships and planes were also supposed to deliver the participants direct to RV polarstern.

    Now the international movement restrictions made this extremely challenging in the early to middle part of this year.

    No one have expected that they will come up with such results and the scientists have struck by the results we compared with those of the mass of data and samples now in positions of researches and they are looking forward to model the things accordingly.

    They are focusing on the future climate change much more and explain about it as well. In this particular project, scientists had been shown the inner workings of the clock and looked at different elements down to different screens of this Arctic system.

    Now everyone has understood that the entire clockwork better than ever before. Now there will be a rebuilt in the system on a computer model.

    Now it is quite astonishing for everyone how life will be possible there if the ice will not be there.

    During the research, some investigators were conducted to improve future statements made from space as well.

    When the expedition was going on it was harassed by some polar bear as well.

    This clearly indicates that no one wants that someone will interfere in the activities going on but somehow the researchers compared to the Conclusion and make it clear.

    Now the time has come to come up with certain projects that can contribute to saving the Arctic region.

    If the same continues for long then in the coming time there will be no hope for anyone and survival becomes impossible.

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