Home Depot Is Kicking Off the Black Friday Sales Ahead of Time – Here’s What You Should Get Your Hands on

    Just a quick disclaimer, the financial savings are absolutely unbelievable.

    While every single aspect of life has become something that we never imagined it to be, black Friday is somehow normal.

    Most customers are getting into the shopping mode ahead of time, if you choose to do that too, the offers and sales are unreal, trust me.

    Amazon, walmart and other mega-retailers are kicking off the black Friday offers, and for all of those Home Depot Divas out there, there’s good news, Home Depot has joined the crowd.

    The financial savings will be a lot as the retailer’s are going out of their way to provide the cheapest stuff possible.

    If you want to know more and make the most out of this wonderful opportunity, keep on reading. Hope it will be helpful to gather more information about black Friday sales.

    When Exactly Is the Home Depot Black Friday 2020?

    Are you willing to be the first one in store to grab all of the good stuff, and then you will have to know when Home Depot Black Friday 2020 will take place.

    The Home Depot black Friday offers 2020 will take a kick start on Friday November 6th and will continue till December 2nd.

    Home Depot is giving its clients one full month to take complete advantage of the sales. This is also the first time the consumers can get a sneak peak of all of the items on sale in the app.

    When Will Home Depot Open on Black Friday?

    Knowing the exact time of the opening can give you a good advance to grab the stuff you need and escape the crowd.

    In the present time, more important than grabbing your favourite things is escaping the crowd, we don’t want to be a patient of covid right ladies and gents.

    Home Depot will be buying as well as selling in its specific hours for Black Friday 2020.

    We hate to break it to you that Home Depot will be closed on thanksgiving which falls on the 26th of November. But you’ll be able to shop all through the month though.

    Best Deals You Should Get Your Hands on

    Home Depot is not up for grabs next month but there is a lot on the shelfs you can get your hands on.

    Let’s take a look at a few handy things you can get from home depot for under $15 dollars.

    Anti-slip Aerosol Spray

    When we talk about outdoor stairs, safety is very crucial. Slick walkways in inclement weather can lead to slipping over them and dangerous injuries.

    Rust-Oleum Anti-Slip Aerosol Spray can protect your head from falling backwards.

    It’s really not that expensive when you compare it to a skull surgery, just a joke. On home depot, you can get it for $6.79.  

    14 in One Hammer

    The literal minute I took a look at this, I just fell in love. I personally love to break open things and usually struggle to put them in place, but that’s another story.

    So, if you are a mechanical freak like me, this 4-in-1 hammer multi tool is the best thing you can get.

    Not even kidding, after I complete writing this blog, I will be going straight to home depot and get my hands on this. It’s available for $14.14, wow, just wow.

    A Step Stool Ladder

     Sorry if I was a little too excited for the last one, but I am going to talk about this product like a normal human being, I promise.

    If you are a little too short (me looking at myself and thinking if I could possibly call anyone else short), a step stool ladder is of a lot of help to pop out that light bulb or just for giving your younger brother a hit on his head.

    It’s available for $17.98 on Home Depot.

    Enough of the small stuff, let’s talk about some bigger things.

    A Little Bit Costlier Side of the Spectrum

    40 in. Lattice Fire Pit Table

     Is your house a little too empty? (Not even going to talk about mine). Get this Fire Pit, it will keep you warm and will also fill up some space in the room.

    40 in. Lattice Fire Pit Table in copper is in home depot for $269.70, yes it is pricy but when you look at how much you are saving, it’s completely worth it.

    The product was initially available for $899.00, which means you are saving $629.30.

    Leaf Blower

     Are you someone with a gigantic garden? (Can’t relate though). Cleaning up all of those leaves is a tiring task.

    M18 FUEL 120 MPH 450 CFM 18-Volt Lithium-Ion Brushless Cordless Handheld Blower Kit from home depot is a life saver in such cases.

    It is currently available on the home depot website for $299.00.

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