Imran Khan (Pakistan Prime Minister) Asks Facebook CEO To Ban Islamophobic Content

    On Sunday, the Prime Minister of Pakistan (Imran Khan) slammed the remarks condemning French President Emmanuel Macron, calling him “an encouragement of Islamophobia.

    ” He mentioned comments made by President Macron on Wednesday in which he condemned Islamists and promised not to “leave cartoons “showing Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

    The Prime Minister of Pakistan (Imran Khan) has written a letter to the Chief Executive Officer of Facebook (Mark Zuckerberg) asking him to ban Islamophobic or hate-related content on Facebook’s social media platform.

    Mentioning the CAA (Citizenship Amendment Act of India) and the National Civil Register (NRC), the Prime Minister of Pakistan (Imran Khan) said that Muslims are being denied their public rights.

    In his letter to the Chief Executive Officer of Facebook (Mark Zuckerberg), Imran wrote that enhancing Islamophobia promotes radicalism and violence worldwide, particularly via Facebook platforms.

    Relating Islamophobia with the destruction, the Pakistani PM Imran Khan asked Facebook’s CEO (Mark Zuckerberg) to ban Islamophobia and hatred against Muslims or Islam.

    Imran Khan (Pakistan Prime Minister) Said- Ban Any Content That Refuses Or Distorts The Holocaust:

    Facebook and other social media platforms also have the policy to delete hate or useless speech.

    It describes that hate speech will impact the people based on threatened features comprising ethnicity, race, national origin, and religious association via “violent or inhuman speech” or “harmful categorize.”

    Imran Khan denoted Facebook’s latest decision to ban any Islamophobia content that refuses or distorts the Holocaust.

    On the previous Sunday, the PM of Pakistan (Imran Khan) said that French President Emmanuel Macron had “criticized Islam” by promoting cartoons showing the Prophet Mohammad.

    Following Khan’s remarks, Macron paid honor to a French history tea teacher by an Islamic who wished to punish the use of cartoons showing the Prophet Mohammad in a class on the liberty of expression.

    Many shops and food stores of Middle Eastern countries have also refused French products in protests at Mr. Macron’s right to show cartoons of Prophet Muhammad.

    Prophet Muhammad’s statements are broadly considered taboo in Islam and are aggressive to Muslims.

    It is not the initial time Imran Khan (Pakistan Prime Minister) has asked Facebook to assist while examining such content on its platform.

    Targeting Muslim for Spreading Covid-19:

    On 12th October 2020, Facebook circulated a statement, announcing that the company was upgrading its abusive speech policy to prohibit any content that rejected or misleads the Holocaust.

    In his letter, the Pakistani Prime Minister (Imran Khan) said, “I appreciate your move to prohibit any post condemning or questioning the Holocaust.”

    However, we see the same things happening in various parts of the world against Muslims or Islam.

    Defining the Citizenship Amendment Act and National Civil Register as ‘anti-Muslim rules,’ the Prime Minister of Pakistan wrote, such steps and the killing of Muslims and accusing Muslims of the coronavirus are proof of the horrible incident Islamophobia.

    The Government of Pakistani has been concentrated too much on social media over the past several weeks.

    Previous, Imran Khan faulted French President (Emmanuel Macron) to stand against Muslims and attack Islam.

    Imran Khan tweeted on Tweeter that it was “unhappy” that Macron encouraged Islamophobia or against Muslims or Islam. Imran Khan said that it is not a sign of humanity.

    Imran Khan referred to the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) in India and the National Register of Citizens (NRC) as instances of increasing Islamophobia worldwide.

    Imran Khan told Facebook’s CEO (Mark Zuckerberg) that Islamophobia is increasing globally, promoting hate and viciousness, particularly through Facebook.

    He also stated that TablighiJamaat being accused of the spread of the Corona Virus in India.

    Imran Khan (Pakistan Prime Minister) Said in His Letter:

    Imran Khan said that Dear Mr.Zuckerberg I am writing this letter to draw your attention to increasing Islamophobia, which is promoting hate, radicalism, and violence worldwide.

    It is spreading through the social media platform, and Facebook is one of them. Islamophobia or hatred-message should be banned all over the world.

    Some contents are acceptable, and some are non-acceptable – he added in his letter.

    Imran Khan is under political pressure in Pakistan from a union of conflict parties – and has frequently moved to the religious vote to support his base.

    It is disastrous that [Macron] has selected to promote Islamophobia by criticizing Islam rather than the extremists who perpetrated the violence,” Imran Khan replied in a tweet.

    While attacking Muslim or Islam, the President of France (Macron) has criticized and hurts every Muslim’s feelings across Europe and other Muslim countries.

    Imran Khan said that we need equality, love, and don’t try to hurt others’ feelings while using this unacceptable deed. It only creates hate and terrorism, which is not good.

    Facebook’s Reply:

    Facebook’s speaker or administrator said that the company would take strong action against the speech and not permit national, racial-ethnic, or religion-based attacks on its social media platform.

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