Looking for the Best Apple Picking Spot in Every State: Here’s the List

    An apple a day keeps the doctor away. This is one of those saying that we are listening for a very long time or say from our childhood.

    But sometimes collecting these delicious apples is something that everyone wants to do.

    If you are fond of visiting different places and looking forward to the best Apple picking spot in every State, then here is the list.

    If you are moving ahead and visiting any orchard, then do not forget to consider the places we are mentioning below.

    At these places, you will be going to get the best and juicy Apple that will definitely satisfy your taste Buds and let you to Crave for more as well.

    What are you waiting for? Just dig out this article till the last and get an answer for the best spots to collect apples.

    Wisconsin: Lautenbach’s Orchard Country Winery and Market in Fish Creek

    Wisconsin, the Door country, is always known for its delicious cherries, and Cherry picking is one of the favorite spots for people having on their bucket list.

    But for Apple picking as well, this place is famous. At Lautenbach’s Orchid country winery and market, you will be going to pick up Honeycrisp, Gala, Macintosh, and so on.

    There is a cherry pit spit game to see how you will be going to launch the cherry pits. Just engaged in it and check out how long you can let your Apple seeds travel.

    Wyoming: Young’s Apple Box Orchard in Lingle

    When you are in Wyoming, do not forget to visit Young’s Apple box Orchard in Lingle. This is a family-owned place with 300 varieties.

    Almost a hundred varieties of Apples are there. Not only apples, but you will be able to get pears, plums, and features as well.

    West Virginia: Sizemore Farm in Clay

    In West Virginia, get all the blueberries in summer at Sizemore farm. All you need to do is just visit the place and grab all your favorite apple and a basket.

    You will be able to harvest your own Apple easily.

    Washington: Bellewood Farms and Distillery in Lynden

    If you wish to visit a place that has an award-winning distillery with spirits, then Bellewood is best to visit.

    Here you will not only be going to get U-Pick Apple orchard but along with its free Bin-train rides are also there.

    A visit to this farm in the autumn season will be going to feel like a celebration for you. Cider donuts, fresh Apple Cider, and a corn maze will be going to enhance your visit there.

    Vermont: Adams Apple Orchard and Farm Market in Williston

    Adam’s Apple Orchard and farm market is a perfect place where you will be going to become a part of scenic beauty as well.

    It will be going to help you in getting the view of Champlain Valley as well.

    Also, the people here are very helpful that they will guide you throughout the place to collect the perfect apples for the pie.

    All you need to do is just let them know what you are looking for, and they will come up with things accordingly.

    South Dakota: Country Apple Orchard in Harrisburg

    At this place in Harrisburg, you will be going to see that plenty of Apples are there, which you can pick. This is a 78-acre farm which has almost 6,000 trees and 13 Apple varieties.

    It holds an annual Apple festival every year as well. If you wish to try some juicy apples in South Dakota, then no place is better than this.

    South Carolina: Windy Hill Orchard in York

    When you are moving ahead to windy Hill for picking up the apples, have a lookout for StaymanWinesap as well.

    The apples in this region are sweet with a tart bite. When you are done with collecting Apple, you can easily prepare hard cider or fresh pressed Apple Cider as well.

    Pennsylvania: Solebury Orchards in New Hope

    This place in Pennsylvania is also the right place to visit for all those who just want to try the high-quality proof.

    You can pick apples and also can engage in the beauty of nature as well.

    Oregon: Kiokawa Family Orchards in Parkdale

    This place will also be going to be your favorite destination when you wish to collect the juicy apples to stop here you will be going to find out 130 varieties of apples and two dozen varieties of years as well. Just visit this place and get the best varieties as well.

    These are the famous places which you can visit when you wish to try the best apples out there. Just get your favorite apple and enjoy it.

    Just choose the right destination and make your visit a memorable one at these places. Ask the attendees what the verities they have and get the best are.

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