New Questions About Trump’s Virus Response Revolving Around Infection of Pence Aides Raises

    The outbreak in the office of the vice president became the third one to strike the White House.

    It has followed the small outbreak that happened in Maine including the spokesperson Pence and also the largest outbreak of the infection that happened in late September.

    This happened just after the rose garden ceremony for judge Amy Coney Barrett who was Trump’s Supreme Court Nominee.

    President Donald Trump started shouting at a rally in North Carolina on Saturday shouting “covid covid covid covid covid”.

    He was just expressing his dismay that the Deadly coronavirus pandemic is taking a huge toll on Evan dominating the final days of struggling re-election campaign.

    In his verdict, he also brought a complete scenario that as soon as the plane goes down, around 500 people are dead and no one is talking about it, everywhere it is only about covid.

    But right after this has happened, 7 hours later the White House had started making its covid headlines.

    This was the point when the official stated that another coronavirus attack has now struck the White House.

    These outbreaks are responsible for infecting the vice president Chief of staff as well as for other top aides and now there are new questions that are revolving around the Trump administrations.

    This approach has also called for the worst Health crisis that is underlying in the country in a century.

    Credit: The New York Times.

    One of the staff of the White House chief says that they are no more going to control the pandemic.

    This has happened on Saturday morning when essentially there was an offering regarding the herbal drug in response to any effort for prevention of the outbreak.

    The top group of national leaders has also made a statement that they are only going to control the fact that we are getting the vaccines, other solutions, as well as therapeutics. However, the contagious virus is still spreading just like the flu.

    In this regard, Trump has made no further remark regarding the new cases during the campaign that was held in New Hampshire on Sunday.

    But, for the voters, there has been a new wave of infections occurring at the White house. All this happened over the week before the election day.

    This has become a visceral reminder of the erratic way of handling the virus by the president.

    It is also signifying the most secure spaces in the country and whenever it comes to the United States, everyone is suffering the high Surge in infections across the nation.

    The count has come with the whooping record number of the daily new cases and the death toll Rises to around 225000.

    The democratic presidential nominee has also said a statement on Sunday that there has been an acknowledgment of what President Trump’s strategy is pointing out to be.

    Besides, he also states that it is simply a way of waving the white flag while also hoping that by ignoring it.

    Trump has always said that the pandemic will simply go away. He also adds that it hasn’t and it won’t be such.

    It is no surprise that the virus is continuing to remain unchecked for the country and is also going through in the White House itself.

    This is the verdict that has been made by the former Vice President who has served to even make the administration handle the coronavirus as the centerpiece of the campaign from the beginning.

    He has always downplayed the threat of this coronavirus and has always insisted that it will not go away all by itself now.

    Trump has clashed with his scientist and he has pressurized officials at the centers for disease control as well as prevention.

    He has made them change their respective recommendations about how and when they are going to reopen the businesses and schools.

    There has been speculation that the president’s organized pandemic response around the world is taking a toll.

    There has been also the blue state governors who are always praising the hands of the approach of the Republican leaders.

    The situation has become such that he has started publicly siding with people who are frustrated with the restrictions and lockdown.

    Credit: The New York Times.

    He has also demanded on Twitter that the governor of Michigan is among the others who are involved in this act and that has turned mask-wearing as well as the other preventive measures for the coronavirus into the political loyalty test.

    Trump is also totally dismissing the importance of social distancing. He is also planning to just go ahead with the acceleration of the development and distribution of the vaccine that is becoming a part of his promise.

    But, the scientists have always insisted on the point that it is never going to be quick and easy.

    Moreover, the president is also making his partners in this approach go ahead with misleading people.

    Inside the White House, they have also declined following the quarantine and guidelines. They are imposing new rules for ignorance of the warnings from the doctors.

    Most of the people are blindly following the same and they are refusing to wear masks and maintain social distance.

    Now, it is crystal clear that the only person who is having his own experience with the virus has presented an alternate way of thinking.

    He is Chris Christie who is the former New Jersey Governor and was hospitalized after testing positive.

    He now is urging Americans to easily follow the social distancing norms as well as wearing masks.

    Final Word

    The future is still very unpredictable. The citizens of the USA are already frustrated with the decisions.

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