Paul Pogba Slams France Retirement Rumors as ‘fake News’

    There were so many conversations, and rumors were going on around about the Paul Pogba retirement.

    Finally, on Monday Manchester United Paul Pogba came up and mentioned about it in the report that they had retired from International duty in protest against French President Emmanuel macron.

    The comments done by him about radical Islam are fake news. No one has expected that things will go to take this face, but unfortunately, this happened.

    According to the news, there were so many things coming out in the Middle East picked up by the British tabloid the sun world cup winner Pogba. He wanted to end his international career and it lets its fans feel saddened.

    The major reason to end the international career is because Macaron board to take the flight to Islamic radical, which is unacceptable by everyone out there.

    He did so after the October 16, beheading of history teacher Samuel Paty things started to change and this made him feel like it was just ridiculous.

    Additionally, he also mentioned that unacceptable news is fake news. He (Macron) is a converted Muslim who posted on Instagram with a screenshot of the article of the Sun.

    He also showed cartoons of The Prophet Muhammad to pupils in a class discussion on free speech in a school near Paris.

    It is unacceptable for everyone to see how things can change so much.

    The comments done by Macron triggered the protest in Muslim majority countries at the weekend.

    Some people were burning pictures of Macron in Syria and setting fire to the French flag in the Libyan capital Tripoli as well.

    In 2018 Pogba won the World Cup in Russia with Les Blues and next fixture a friendly with Finland on November 11.

    It is ahead of the National League meeting with Portugal and Sweden. The next match of United is on Wednesday, which is Champions’ League group name against RB Leipzig at Old Trafford.

    It just astounded everyone that how someone can do such things. No one has expected that things will be going to change a lot.

    Pogba also mentioned that he will be going to take legal actions after the reports claim that he retired from International duty in protest against it.

    He also mentioned that he appeared angry and soft and frustrated because the media resources used him to make total fake headlines on the sensible subject of French current events.

    He also added that he had not expected that religion would become a matter of consideration, and the French National team will get it.


    He has mentioned the same in an Instagram post. The actual post was as mentioned below:-

    “I am appalled, angry, shocked and frustrated some ‘media’ sources use me to make total fake headlines in the sensible subject of French current events and adding my religion and the French National Team to the pot,” Pogba posted on Instagram.

    After it, he also added that he would be going to take legal action against publishers and spreaders of this fake news.

    After he came up with the post on Instagram, it has created a buzz all around. People are supporting him, and some people from other countries are taking steps against him as well.

    None have imagined that someone will be going to become so ridiculous at times.

    Moreover, he was so generous that he did not say anything that may create any trouble for others.

    But highlighting about the same is something which no one had expected. Now people are expecting a clear answer to it.

    In case there will be no clear answers, then certain riots will create among all the communities.

    No one will be going to accept that someone is pointing out their religion and then creating fake news.

    He also mentioned that the news of retirement was fake, and as he will be going to take strict action against all the resources now, everyone needs to wait and watch for it.

    If someone tries to do it again, then also he will be going to take the steps because this is intolerable to an extent, and no one will be going to accept it in any case.

    After coming up on Instagram handle with this post, he also gets open up to the media resources about it. Now people are looking forward to what he will be going to do next.

    Everyone is a source of after the announcement because no one had expected that things would be going to change like this way.

    Now everyone wants to get clear because resources have spread the fake news to the extent to which is becoming impossible to deny.

    Now let’s see what will happen next and how people will be going to react towards it.

    According to the ATP ranking, it is quite clear that every year someone is competing for certain positions. Every player wants to be at the top.

    But somehow due to the gameplay they are not able to grab it.

    But this is not the scenario at all. It is important for an individual to be sure that whatever is happening and the need to become a part of it.

    In case they are not becoming the part of it, then they will not be able to achieve the rank as they are expecting.

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