The 20 relevant ways 2020 changed the way of using technology

    In 2020, everything is quite different. In this article, you will come to know about how 2020 is changing technology.

    • The Screen

    Now devices are playing the primary role and helping us keep track of the outside world. The people’s average daily screen time is around 19 hours a day. So, people are now looking for compact laptops, Smartphones, and televisions, that won’t be straining the eyes.

    • The Zoom Trend

    The work from a home pilot program that was quite skeptical for people around the world is now becoming the only help for conducting work from home.Login for meetings with the video platform zoom is trending.

    • No Social Obligations

    Between meetings, the zoom is the platform that can give the board game nights for fun. You can chill yourself even while you are on a video call with your colleagues.

    • Online Medical Advice

    You can get the zoom fatigue diagnosis with the same screen like that of physiotherapy and telemedicine visits. When it comes to medical help, the percentage of the patients regularly coming up is increasing.People with their tele health professionals visit is around 2.1 % more when compared to 84.7 % as of this summer.

    • Refined Outings

    Concerts and place book tours, as well as film festivals, are now becoming virtual.Even if you want to attend the large hip hop festival, you have to get access to your technological advanced gadget. Only with the live streaming platform, you can get connected to all your friends no matter at which point of the world you are staying.

    •  Virtual Field Trips

    Teachers are getting creative ways of letting their charges start. They are doing everything while keeping up with the online classrooms. The virtual trips are becoming a great real-life experience for the kids. Some excursions are inclusive of the interactive tour of the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art or also other live streaming events.

    • Video Dating

    This is the point where meeting face to face is popularizing on the online platform. A 70% increase in the video chats this year is a mark of evidence.

    •  High Tech Apparatus at Home

    Gyms nationwide are still close and the total number of active users looking for the Burnout stations online is rising gradually. You can get the dial-up life personal trainers for your practice sessions at home.

    •  Online Full Time Work Out and Swimming Classes

    Some people are still not having gym equipment. However, with the Instagram workout platform, users are getting the newfound flexibility of reaching the Instagram fitness gurus. There is an additional platform that will continue their on-demand classes of workouts and swimming.

    • New Homes at Fingertips

    Families are getting the options for consulting their tenants, companies, or landlords.These systems are becoming the pivotal Centre for giving you an interactive tour of the living spaces.

    • Rise of E Vehicles

    There is a transit ridership noted this year. E-bikes brands are facing huge profits when compared to the previous year.

    •  Craving Deals for Satisfying Your Tummy

    Many people are now ordering compulsively from home. Sometimes cooking even the normal foodstuffs isn’t easy for the shortage of vegetables. Spicy chicken sandwiches are available with just a click. This system becomes surprising.

    • QR Code Utilization

    The utilization of the QR code for payment is also increasing.Restaurant owners and also home services centers are now giving access to the users with a smartphone camera scanning system for getting access to the websites.

    •  Digital Payments

    The QR codes and other digital payment methods are facilitating contactless payments. All you have to do is to just scan them with applications and then pay the vendors. You can also involve friends in this mission for getting certain referral offers.

    • Downloadable Books

    Most Book Stores are closed now and so PDF downloads are processing quickly with an increasing rate of 39% in June when compared to the same time last year. The library has locked their doors and so borrowing the books is also becoming something tedious. People are paying for ebooks.

    • Watching TV

    Launch of the new services like HBO Max and Netflix is giving the user plenty of reliability. So, they are connecting more with the television for relaxing themselves.

    • Films in Family Rooms

    Some popular franchises like James Bond and Fast and Furious are shelving the 2020 installment until further notice. On the other hand, some binge-worthy collections are perfect from Disney. So, they are getting prepared in the family rooms and accounting for around $77 million domestic even in the first week.

    • Ditched Disks

    Across the video game industry, there is no playable download that is better when compared to the physical disks. Nintendo Switch console is around three years old and is celebrated as a records hike in august that is going up to 37% over the same month last year.

    •  Online Shopping

    2020 proved to be the year when E-Commerce shoots up to thrice the normal mark. Some researchers also suggest that henceforth everything is going to be in the hands of the online platform. According to certain research, the number of people are shopping for ingredients and snacks online has become tripled when compared to the same time last year.

    • A Distinct Travel Time

    With plenty of international restrictions in place, the ones that are fuelling wanderlust are taking the virtual works on the Great Wall of China as well as the Easter Island heads. So, you can get the inspirational videos that are enough to give you the real life experience of visiting your favorite places every day. This trend is going to last forever.

    Final word

    The entire sphere is going to change in 2020. In the years to come, these technologies are going to stay forever.

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