The List of the Nations That Have Reopened for Canadian Tourists

    These days, Canadians are wondering where or not they can travel right now in other countries.

    Around 50 + countries are accepting Canadian tourists. There are border restrictions that are becoming loose.

    Around the world, nations are also becoming eager to start with travel times. The objective is to make massive returns out of that.

    They are open to tourism will get the compiled list of the countries that are reopening the borders for the Canadian tourist on July 1st.

    The European Union has published the list of the 15 such Nations where there is permission for entry. Out of this, only Canada is a part of that.

    It has been recently removed from the list of European Union where the restrictions on travel have been since July 1st.

    The travel restriction removal decision made by the European Union has given the recommendation that every country will be still making its travel restrictions based on their idea.

    The Canadian government has set rules for the avoidance of nonessential travel outside Canada. Still, the Canadians are permitted to leave the country as per their wish.

    No matter where the Canadian travelers are going, they will be facing the mandatory quarantine.

    However, there is no news regarding how long the quarantine requirements are going to last.

    Albania reopened the places for Canadians on July 1st, 2020 and there is no test requirement.

    There will be no flights directly to Albania from Canada. However, the Canadians can get access easily with the help of Frankfurt to Zurich, Amsterdam, Paris, and Istanbul.

    Antigua and Barbuda even opened to the Canadians on June 4th, 2020. Upon arrival, however, the Canadians will have to take the covid test at the cost of Dollar 100 USD.

    Canada is however not scheduling for restarting the direct flights to the islands until August 1st.

    So, the Canadians are eager to visit and can start transit in Miami where there are daily flights.

    Armenia has reopened the place for Canadian tourists on August 12, 2020. It is requiring only a 14-day report from the tourist.

    However, there is an option for shortening or removing the quarantine. Only scheduling the PCR test in the hotel can work out.

    Aruba is opening to the Canadian tourist on July 1st where the travelers have to upload the negative covid PCR test 72 hours before boarding.

    Austria is also accepting Canadian tourists although they had to open back on June 15. However, they are not allowing Canadian tourists until September 28.

    The Bahamas had originally reopened for the Canadians on July 1st and then changed entry requirements according to November 1st updates.

    Canadians will no longer have to undergo the 14days quarantine on the negative PCR test.

    Will be enough before 5 days upon Rival Barbados is reopening for the Canadian tourist with the first direct flight that is coming July 12th from Toronto on Canada.

    But, they have to produce for innovative PCR test within 72 hours of departure.

    Belarus is also opening spots for Canadian travelers. However, the Canadians that need the visa for Belarus, cannot fly directly to Belarus.

    Canadians can easily go to European Union cities. Bermuda is officially reopening for the Canadian tourist on July 1st for being able to head down for the vacation.

    The Canadians will have to bring the negative copied PCR test that isn’t older than 72 hours Bosnia and Herzegovina is also opening.

    For the Canadian tourist according to the updates of September 12. Now, it has been open to all nations. So, Canadians can visit there.

    However, they have to produce a negative PCR test that is not older than 48 hours before departure.

    Brazil is open for a Canadian tourist and there are no more discussions regarding whether or not direct flights can travel.

    There has been no update yet received and will be available in September. There are many other updates regarding some other countries.

    Portugal has chosen to accept the suggestion by the European Union and it’s getting rid of Canadians from the authorized countries.

    So, it would be possible since October 31st. Portugal is not the most complicated nation in the European Union.

    As per the direct discussions with the Canadian consulate as well as the immigration norms.

    Portugal is open for the Canadian Traveller since July 7th without reciprocity or quarantine. However, some Airlines are not treating the above info as something real.

    Many Federal government sites, as well as Portugal, are still pointing out the reciprocity provision in the US declaring it with the permit.

    Canadians in the Portuguese can start taking a trip there. Portugal has also started altering the guidelines and the choices on this.

    Sometimes, it’s worth considering the borders. Again, if you want to take the trip to Portugal, you have to be aware of the fact that the guidelines start altering in no time.

    So, you have to always consult the airlines to verify the travel restrictions.

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