The Verdict of Fortnite Maker Regarding Apple

    Epic Games has now come back at Apple again with the latest filing in the court that mentions that the iPhone maker is holding no right to the fruits of epic labour.

    The court filing is one of the latest one where the Epic games say that it was proved to be the far cry from being criminal.

    Besides, there is an addition to the verdict that the company had not at all stolen anything that has belonged to Apple.

    The repeated assertions of Apple of theft have now started barring down to the extraordinary assertion of the new collection of payments by epic.

    The work is on behalf of the designers, artists, and engineers who are taking something that belongs to Apple.

    However, the problem is that Apple is not yet responding to the latest comments by Epic games and so it has become crystal clear that the two parties are not at all close to each other in terms of reaching the endpoint of the agreement.

    As the hearings are continuing, the two companies are now involved in the strict legal issue over months after the launch of the Epic device direct payment system in Fortnite.

    The motto of this payment system was to bypass the controversial App Store tax by Apple.

    After that, Apple has now started booting the game of the application store and so it has responded with a lawsuit against the maker of iPhone Apple.

    It states that they haven’t been involved in violating the norms of antitrust. However, there is denial on behalf of Apple regarding the charges and settings that target are seeking damages from the Fortnite maker.

    According to certain recent revelations, Epic is standing in the legal back-and-forth stage with Apple and is filing regarding the controversy that has happened.

    As per the Verge, it has started doing this based on the decision by Epic for cutting Apple out of the payment process.

    Besides, it is responsible for robbing the iPhone maker of the rightful share.

    There are also the latest series of financial lawsuits that are bringing out of the Epic games calculated addition.

    It is coming inclusive of the on payment in a process that is related to Fortnite, allowing it to circumvent the application stores 30% tax for the day.

    It is quickly also pulling Fortnite from the application store following the move because there is a triggered lawsuit from Epic games.

    And, the lawsuit is revolving around Apple being accused of anti-competitive behaviour because it has started stopping other companies from offering the game.

    The storefronts are also making the availability of the in-app payment processing services.

    Ios has been always working towards maintenance of the entitled 30% of the Fortnite’s revenue.

    They had an agreement that the Epic games along with the developers have signed for releasing the game on the application store.

    So, Epic is now repeatedly saying that in the latest filing according to Apple, there is no right to the fruits of the epics labour.

    The filing is also reading something like it has been simply put and that if it did not steal anything that is belonging to Apple.

    In the first half of this month, the federal judge in California had allowed Apple to put a restriction on the Epic games Fortnite from the application store.

    Besides, it has offered the said the Cupertino based company shouldn’t cause any harm to the Epic games developer tool business.

    The featuring part of this business is the popular Unreal engine that has the collection of thousands of developers worldwide.

    Now both Apple and Google are coming under the scanner for the relations. The shares are in terms of the commissions on some in-app purchases.

    These are those games that come under the App Store.

    When it comes to India many local startups are working for raising the concerns against application store policies by Google according to certain reports.

    There are around 120 Indian startups that are planning to form a stronger group in the form of the alliance for taking on the Global Tech heavyweights.

    It is making sense that Microsoft would be throwing in with Epic.

    After all, there are the same applications to rules that are getting Fortnite banned and are also excluding the Xbox game pass application and the exclude streaming capabilities.

    So, it is going to benefit Microsoft immensely in case Epic cuts Apple off at the knees. So, the fight of epic with Apple as well as Google is proving to be something of a philosophical exercise.

    It is all about the relationship between the developer as well as a storefront. It is also becoming the practical fight over the money matters right now.

    This aspect is something that could be said similar to the position of Microsoft as it is having plenty of games on its own.

    On ios too, these games will be running on the Unreal engine. These are the statements that have been filed in the company statement.

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