Titan of Samsung Group, Lee Kun-hee dies aged 78

    Year 2020 has not brought any good news yet. Again there is news for all the people. Titan of Samsung group Lee-Kun-hee dies at the age of 78.

    It might shock you but the Chairman of South Korea’s largest conglomerate Samsung group died. When it comes to looking at his struggle then no one can question it at all.

    In earlier times he helped his father a lot to grow his small trading business into an economic powerhouse.

    He came up with ideas which not only bring out diversity into areas like insurance and shipping but also let his father achieve the place which he had not expected as well.

    When he was moving ahead in his lifetime Samsung Electronics also become one of the largest firms Around the World.

    Everyone is aware that when it comes to looking at the appliances available from Samsung then no one can doubt the quality at all.

    In South Korea, he was one of the richest people according to the news. His net worth was almost $21bn.

    It usually shocks people that how he become the richest person in South Korea but all his efforts let him achieve this place.

    There was news that came out where Samsung mentioned that he died on Sunday with family by his side.

    There is no exact cause of his death came into existence. But some people are assuming that heart problems may be the reason behind the same.

    In 2014 he got a heart attack which left him living in care.

    It is quite astonishing that everyone at Samsung is remembering his efforts and whatever he has done for them.

    People mention that they will be going to cherish his memory and are grateful for the journey he shared with him.

    Credit: BBC

    Moreover, they also mention that he was among those people who used to be so calm and composed and always comes up with solutions that are beneficial for everyone.

    He never moves ahead in the search for hurting someone and always greeted everyone with love and respect.

    He set up an example for everyone who will be going to join the Samsung group.

    He was born in 1968 and was the third son of Lee Byung-Chul. He founded the Samsung group in 1938. Moreover, he becomes the chairman in 1987 after the death of his father.

    At that moment Samsung was only the producer of cheap and low-quality products. But when he became the chairman he comes up with ideas which only bring out the same to it. His leadership benefits Samsung to the extent which is just unbeatable.

    Under his leadership, multiple radical reforms were introduced at the company which is known to bring out the best in return.

    Moreover, he was become famous for telling employees in 1993 that changed everything except wives and kids.

    He has a perspective that if we have enough determination to change things that we can come up with the best results.

    He implemented the same and also come up with the same results. Also, at that moment the company burnt the entire mobile phone stock which has almost 150,000 handsets.

    When it comes to getting the attention of media then he always keeps him away from it and this lets him gain the reputation of a recluse.

    Credit: The New York Times.

    People also gave him the nickname the hermit King. In South Korea, Samsung is by far the largest company and the family on consumer rights that dominate the country’s economy as well. They help to drive South Korea economic transformation after World War II.

    Moreover, they always come up with something which leads people to gain benefits only. Mr. Lee was twice convicted of criminal offense is including bribing of former President Roh Tae-woo.

    In 2008 he stepped down as a Samsung chairman after he was charged with tax evasion and embezzlement.

    He also handed three years suspended jail sentence for tax evasion but was given a presidential pardon in 2009.

    Then he went on to lead South Korea successful bid to host the 2018 winter Olympics.

    He became the chairman of the Samsung group in 2010 again but was left bedridden by the 2014 heart attack.

    Now his son Lee Jae young has served jail time for his role in a bribery scandal which triggered the outing of then-president Park Geun Hye from office in 2017.

    Last one the prosecutors comes up with fresh charges against him over his role in 2015 Merger deals.

    It is quite disturbing for everyone that how he passed the way because his leadership let Samsung achieve the position which was unexpected to achieve.

    Everyone is feeling so sad just because he is not anymore. May his soul rest in peace and everyone is looking forward to something good this time.

    Now people are expecting that someone else will take his place and let Samsung mark the same position again.

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