Women on flight strip-searched, sparking outrage: Qatar Airways

    When it comes to following rules and regulations, there is no doubt in the fact that Australia hits at the top.

    Recently at Qatar Airways flight, all the female passengers were examined. There might be a chance you have no idea about what we are talking.

    Just dig out this read the last so that there will be clarity about the situation.

    Women on Flight Strip-searched, Sparking Outrage: Qatar Airways

    Recently a newborn was found in a toilet at the airport in the capital of Dora, and after it, all the female passengers aboard a Qatar Airways flight to Australia was removed from the plane.

    After it, all of them went through a vaginal exam. This with the final exam has been done to check out whether there is any female who belongs to that newborn.

    On October to this incident happened, and they were total of 13 Australians who were dragged off from the Sydney ground plane.

    All these things took place at the Hamad International Airport where the newborn was found abandoned.

    It is quite hilarious to note that how someone can do so. When this news, all the females were stripped searched and then subjected to invasive exams.

    After it, there was a prompting Australia to complain about the grossly disturbing incident with Qatar. The same has been reported by the BBC.

    During the investigation to women from the flight, QR908 come in front and mentioned that they had no idea what was about to happen when they were rounded up.

    Credit: The New York Times

    After a 3 hour delay, there was nothing to know about. There was no announcement done about the baby’s Discovery, and later on, they came to know so.

    One of the women also mentioned that no one was speaking English or mention that what was happening, and it was hilarious for everyone to notice.

    The female also told the outlet that she just wants to remain anonymous and never want her identity came in front.

    After asking about the situation more, a female also mentioned that they were 13 in total and all of were supposed to believe.

    There was a mother who left her children sleeping on the plane. Also, there was an elderly woman who has impaired vision, and she was also supposed to go with them.

    The female is sure that the practitioner exam and her as well.

    The female also mentioned that she respects all the laws and culture of the country, and she was considering it to be the legal action but to do so is something which is just horrible.

    She also mentions the same to ABC that if all the other two women come forward with A-Class Section, she will definitely going to become the part of that.

    Other passengers also mentioned that there was a group of several other women who began panicking when they came to know that there is something going to happen at the airport.

    When they were being removed from the airport, they were in the state where anyone can know that they have done something wrong.

    She also mentioned that when she went, there was a lady having a mask on her face and the authorities were closed in the ambulance behind her and locked the ambulance as well.

    They also not explain anything, and she just tells her to pull the pants down as she needed to examine the vagina.

    The female also mentions to ABC that she said she would not going to do so, but they didn’t bother to explain anything to her she was saying that she will not go to do it, but the authorities were just forcing her to do so as they wanted to see it.

    The female nurse was there who was examining the woman was just taking her clothes off and then inspecting her.

    The lady also mentioned that too she was panicking and everyone had gone with the same as well.

    She was very scared at that moment, and she had no idea what was going to happen the next moment.

    She also mentions that after the investigation has been done, she just jumped off from the ambulance and then ran towards other girls, and there was no other place where she can run.

    Kim Mills, The Woman Who took off the flight came up with the statement and mentioned the same to Guardian Australia that there was a woman coming out of the ambulance crying and distraught.

    Mills also mentioned that when she moved towards her and trying to comfort her, she asked that what the matter and the Raman started to crying and mention that there was a baby found in the bathroom at the airport and they are examining all the women out there.

    There was an old lady who has mentioned that she is the luckiest one in the whole slide because she has grey hair and old as well. She thought that they would look at her and say that it is impossible that she belongs to that child.

    After the investigation has been done, all the women were allowed to board the plane again, and it was also mentioned by Mills that her legs were just to wobbling.

    Mills also mention that she was feeling so relaxed after coming back to the flight because that was something horrible and let her think about the situation so many time.

    She was also missing that why didn’t they explain anything to anyone and not knowing that what will go to happen is the worst situation anyone can become the part of.

    After further investigation, she also comes up with the opinion where she has mentioned that it is one of the terrible incidents which may take place and it is just creating a nuisance to all the females out there.

    Not only for the females but other members on the plane as well were sufferings because of it.

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